Play Therapy


At Hope Tree we use child centered play therapy (CCPT) with child clients under the age of 11. We have a playroom which is dedicated as the therapy space for children. Child centered play therapy is a method of play therapy developed by Virginia Axline. She was an associate of the famed Carl Rogers who developed client centered therapy. This method includes using nonjudgmental, emotionally supportive in a nurturing therapuetic environment. Clear boundaries are established which allows the child to feel safe and secure while freely expressing themselves through their words which hare toys and their language which is play (Landreth, 2002). The main goal of CCPT is to promote development of emotional and behavioral self-regulation. Children work through there emotions through the use of toys, puppets, play houses, sand tray work and creative play. The creative arts are also available in the play room including play dough, painting, drawing and building. Problems that have been successfully treated with CCPT include; over coming trauma, anxiety, phobias, PTSD, anger management, grief and loss, divorce issues, abuse, illness, autism or pervasive developmental academic and social developmental, physical and learning disabilities, and conduct disorders ( Bratton, Ray, & Rhine, 2005).