Our Animals


This is Boo. He is a miniature Paint horse gelding (male). He is 5 years old. His full name is KZ till I'm Blue, but we call him Boo. Boo came to us from a happy family with a 6 year old boy who was Boo's best friend. As the boy grew bigger he got a bigger horse and Boo became available for us. We have had Boo for one year. He is gentle, smart and thinks he is a big horse. Boo loves to be brushed and eat grass. Boo teaches about the joys of being young and about loving your friends and family.


This is Audie. He is the man who takes care of the Hope Tree horses. He comes everyday and feeds them, cleans up after them and makes sure they have everything they need. He is very caring and kind. We call him a horse whisperer because he talks to the horses in  a way they understand. Audie is dedicated and loyal. Audie teaches us about taking pride in hard work and giving of yourself for others.