Due to the CoVid 19 crisis Hope Tree is now offering telehealth Counseling  Services, simply call 319-232-4673 to schedule today. It is our primary goal to keep you and your loved ones mentally safe and healthy  in this challenging time.


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Hope Tree Counseling Services

We offer counseling services for all ages. At Hope Tree we use client centered services in a unique environment. We are situated on ten acres in the heart of Waterloo, IA allowing us to offer clients a variety of indoor and outdoor counseling experiences. Hope Tree is dedicated to promoting diversity and serving a multi-cultural population. We are committed to preserving the environment within our community. We aspire to empower clients to feel whole and live fully.

Our Mission Statement

At Hope Tree we believe that healing if possible for all people. Through providing holistic, compassionate, ecosystemic counseling services for people throughout all seasons of life we strive to mend the whole person. Our services include animal and nature therapeutics, trauma informed care, play therapy, EMDR, and drama based therapies.  Hope tree offers clients opportunities to receive sessions in nature, in the presence of horses, and in our office. Our staff specializes in the treatment of substance abuse, trauma, depression, anxiety, PTSD, grief, loss, family issues, divorce and life transitions. We strive to inspire growth and change for people. Like  a tree that grows, strengthens and spreads its roots, finding hope and healing is possible at Hope Tree.